Let The Water In: Strategies for a Resilient Edgemere

Fall 2019
SES 840, Delta Cities Studio
GCPE/Undergraduate Architecture
Full project report can be accessed here.

Our vision for Edgemere in 2100 is one of social equity, ecological integrity, regenerative systems, and collective ownership. People leave by choice, relocate to higher ground, or adapt to a new way of living with water; all have a choice in a just and equitable transition. Those who remain become stewards of a place returning to nature, through revitalized marshes and environmental restoration. Advancements in agriculture and aquaculture become the focal points of a circular local economy, creating wealth and increasing social mobility.

Client Partner:

  • Rockaway Initiative for Sustainability and Equity (RISE)


Nandan, Gita

Jost, Tom


Asinas, Erica

Balcanoff, Haley

Bushnaq, Zeid

Chinchilla, Mariah

Fredrickson, Shelby

Kulkarni, Aishwarya

Mao, Yanxin

Martinez, Duane

Mehta, Saloni

Wilson, Kaila

Yie, Anna