Green Infrastructure in Red Hook

Year_Semester: 2013  Summer 

Course Number: SES-739

Course Name: Green Infrastructure Design Build Studio

Department(s): GCPE

Location: Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York City.

Conceptual Proposal for the project found here.

Extra Documentation about the project can be found here.

Building upon the previous studios’ research and their own explorations, students will design and build interactive interventions in the field that illustrate a specific green infrastructure typology. Students will develop detailed drawings of current green infrastructure best practices, and explore how specific site and social conditions, among other factors, impact these best practices. As in past years, we will have lead practitioners from multiple disciplines share their expertise; in addition to these in-studio lectures, we will visit green infrastructure projects throughout the city. We will also look at information design precedents that move beyond the static “poster on a stick”, such as the work supported by the Center for Urban Pedagogy. Possible sites include Red Hook and areas around Newtown Creek. Students will identify which green infrastructure type they will be interpreting and the community / audience they are targeting, and build and install their communication device. The class as a whole will also assemble a green infrastructure ‘user’s manual’ based on their research.

Student Participants:

Maya Carter

Hans Jensen

Fred Wolf

Kristen Bell

Milton Kondilis

Matthew Treat

Maurice Ross


Maltby, Elliott

Nandan, Gita