Year_Semester: 2013 Fall 

Course Number: SES-631

Course Name: Sustainable Communities

Department(s) : GCPE (PSPD)

Location: Coney Island, New York City.

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Making the Invisible Visible
An Exploration of Signage for Infrastructural and Public Right of Way Projects in NYC
As they navigate the City, millions of New Yorkers, encounter City­lead infrastructural and public right of way projects. These countless interactions represent moments of opportunity to engage, inform and even elicit feedback from our communities. Often times these projects would benefit from further explanation. The intention of either the design process or the physical manifestation of the project is not directly visible to the passer by. Good signage (a definition to be explored during this class) can provide this explanation and render these casual, everyday interactions into teaching moments with the potential to garner awareness and stewardship.

Student Participants (Last, First):  

Abu Al Saud, Yasmeen

Chacra, Alejandra

Kosty, Gina  

Negret, Marcel


Faculty (Last, First): 

Shiffman, Ron

Stein, Jaime