Delta Cities Studio in Newton Creek

Year_Semester: 2018 Fall

Course Number: SES-840

Course Name: Delta Cities Studio

Department(s): GCPE in collaboration with U.G Architecture

Location: Newton Creek, New York City.

Community Partner(s)/Collaboration(s): Newtown Creek Alliance & Evergreen Exchange

Full project report can be accessed here.

Student Participants (Last, First): 

Akgul, Isil 

Cai, Zoe 

del Fava, Silvia 

Guo, Riming 

Haseley, Lawrence 

Henderson, Lidia 

Hurtarte, Daniela 

Kim, Hae-Jin 

Koo, Angie 

Pastore, Tina 

Sandoval, Summer 


Faculty (Last, First): 

Jost, Tom 

Nandan, Gita